Custom Homes

James L. Carroll has been designing homes his entire life and is responsible for over 1000 plus home designs to date. As innovative proffesionals, the design firm approaches each project with creative thinking to accomplish visually pleasing, sensitive and practical design solutions. Drawing upon the wealth of expertise over the years, James Carroll listens to the specific lifestyles, needs, and wishes of his clients and then personally oversees the design of each project. This commitment to the personalization of each project and the detail associated with it has earned the design firm a dependable reputation for reliable performance and providing responsible professional services reflecting extraordinary design concepts and outstanding value. James L. Carroll combines this collective knowledge of experience to accomplish award winning custom home designs constructed of quality materials with reasonable budgets and lasting value. All of this is done with integrity and at competative fees. His designs vary from Rustic Elegant Mountain home retreats to Ultra-Contemporary and every architectural design style in between. Following are just a few examples of the many Custom Home designs by James L. Carroll & Associates Inc.

Home Plan Sales

Thank you for your interest in James L. Carroll & Associates Inc. Home Plan Sales! Although we are known for our custom home design, we have been able to assemble the following home plans for your review and purchase. We think you will find these home plans to be current with the desires & needs of todays' homebuyer and at the same time provide award-winning designs for which we are known and referred time and time again. Please keep in mind that the majority of our home plans are completely up to date with the latest CADD operating systems and we are able to accomodate most plan modifications you may desire with ease. Please click "continue" to view our latest Home Plan Sales and check back often for monthly updates and additions.

Multi-Family Homes

Multi family housing design has been an important part of James L. Carroll & Associates for many years and are specialists in providing timely, imaginative and practical designs which are of lasting quality and outstanding value. From the initial feasibility studies and site planning, the firm incorporates its extensive knowledge of residential design background and expertise to ensure the trust a client places upon us. James L. Carroll & Associates has earned that trust through our record of successful multi family townhouse and condominium complexes which range in size from under thirty to over two hundred units. In addition, each project is developed within a reasonable budget and is sensitive to the marketplace. Our firm has gained dependable reputation with developers for providing responsible professional services at competitive rates. Following are a sample of our firms\' many Multi-Family Residential Design Projects.

Structural Calculations

Many local building codes require lateral and framing structural calculations to be submitted for approval. Our Plans were designed for a particular locale and are not intended for full permit approval in the area for which they may be ordered. Prior to using plans ordered from us, please check with your local building official / authority for all applicable local and national building codes enforced in your area. Additional structural engineering may be required by a structural engineer in your area in order to finalize the plans for a building permit.

Local Code Revisions

Our home designers are familiar with the requirements of many local and national building codes. Our office may be able to help make the necessary revisions to your plans for building permits.

Copyright Release of Artwork

All plans are protected by Federal Copyright Laws, Therefore, we offer this package which includes camera-ready artwork, both elevation and floorplan, and a letter authorizing limited use of this artwork for promotional purposes to assist in selling the home. Note: may not be available on all plans.

Reproduction Department

Quality Xerox prints or reproducible Mylar are available with plan purchase only. These prints are highly legible and resist fading. Plansale packages include 8 sets of xerox prints per order. We offer only a minimum of 8 sets of prints as we have found that to be a realistic requirement for the construction of a home. Please be sure to order enough extra plans as you feel necessary at the time of the order as they are less expensive.

Drafting Services

Our drafting staff can make custom changes to your plan. We also offer complete custom home design drafting and consultation service. Through the use of e-mail and other means of communication, "long distance" design is a viable option we offer our custom design clients.

Processing Time

In most cases, Plansale orders (with no changes) are processed the day the are received. Any other orders will be given an estimated time of completion and will commence only upon receipt of deposit for such order. services


All home plans and drawings on these pages are copyrighted by James L. Carroll and Associates Inc. and are for illustration purposes only. Any copying, tracing, or otherwise using material from this site without written consent from James L. Carroll and Associates Inc. is expressly forbidden and shall be prosecuted by the full extent of the law. Home plans, xerox prints, blueprints, and/or construction documents are copyrighted intellectual property, protected under the terms of the United States Copyright Law and, therefore, cannot be copied legally for use in building. The copyright law prevents anyone, other than the copyright owner, from reproducing, modifying, or reusing the plans or design without permission of the copyright owner. It is illegal to copy, change, or redraw home designs found in a plan book, cd-rom, or on the internet. The right to modify is one of the exclusive rights of copyright. It is also illegal to copy or redraw a constructed home that is protected by copyright, even if you have never seen plans for the home. The original purchaser of a home plan is licensed to build a single home from the plans. The purchase of a multiple-set package of plans is for the construction of a single home only.


Each complete houseplan includes:

  • Cover page with index
  • General notes sheet
  • Interior cabinet elevations
  • Door & Window schedules
  • Exterior building elevations
  • Fully dimensioned and detailed floor plans
  • All appropriate building cross sections
  • Footing & Foundation plan
  • Structural framing plans
  • Electrical plans
  • Construction details
  • Optional site plan (add $200.00 average fee) includes